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It all started back from my childhood. I have always had a huge passion for cats. Only having dogs growing up made me have more interest in cats. Isn't that ironic! I gave birth to my first son in 1997. We raised just domestic short hair kittens from time to time. Four kids later, jumping to 2019 I stared researching The Maine Coon breed. Knowing I had a secret passion to start a small Maine Coon Cattery for a hobby. I decided to register a Cattery and buy my first two purebred Maine Coon cats! I am faithfully doing everything I can to assure good health! All my cats are fully DNA! tested before being used in our breeding program! I currently am a stay at home mom. My kittens are my children and get more than what they need for attention and a ton of love! Another top priority of mine is to raise Maine coon kittens with amazing temperaments that can easily adjust to their new homes and family! I have an unconditional love for breeding and preserving this beautiful purebred breed! We have just a few litters a year! please contact for availability!

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